5 Tips When Visiting The Land Down Under Australia

Home to some of the best beaches, magnificent landscapes, chilled-out culture, furry native animals, and some of the world’s most underwhelming public transport. Check out these 5 tips when visiting the land down under, Australia.

It’s a huge place. And, that’s a lot of railroad!

Seriously though, the best way to see this extraordinary country is by camper van. Open road driving was never better. There is heaps to see!

Oh, by the way, don’t worry about the snakes, crocodiles, and spiders while you’re here…

…worry about the mosquitoes! Trust me, you’ll want some repellent.

1. Before You Go

Ok, before you go anywhere, Australia does have visa requirements even for short stays.Check out the Australian Government’s Department of Home Affairs page to make sure you get the right visa for you.

Another important item to note is the country’s strict quarantine laws. Australia is basically a massive island. Historically breaking away from Gondwana, the ancient super-continent, around 180 million years ago. This has lead to many unique flora and fauna which the strict laws aim to protect. The best way to stay out of trouble is to declare any food and plant or animal material.

2 Australia Is A Huge Country

The Land down under, Australia is massive, and I mean massive!

Even if you had ten years to spare you would never see the whole country. Never mind though, all the more to explore! If you really want to see the best of Australia take a month or two off if you can.

3 Australia Can Be Expensive

One upside to Australia is you don’t need to tip. Although, the downside is Australia can be quite expensive. Wages are relatively high, meaning food, gas, and accommodation isn’t cheap.

Although, this doesn’t mean you can’t make a vacation affordable. Cooking your own food, shopping at local farmers’ markets, and using AirBnbs will save you some cash. If you have time, even hire a camper van for a road trip. It’s the best way to see the country and you’ll save money too.

4 The Weather Isn’t What You’d Expect

As the country is so big, Australia’s weather is highly variable. The southern states of Australia have seasons, with really cold winters and really hot summers. While the northern states of Australia are tropical and hot all year round.

So, expect snow on the mountains in Victoria and Tasmania and hot, humid, and sweaty conditions in Queensland and Western Australia.

5 Be Beach Safe

As Australia is basically just a huge island, it’s completely ocean-bound. In other words, endless beaches! The beaches are beautiful but they can be extremely dangerous in certain places. Some of the heaviest swells in the world hit the coast of Australia, so it’s super important to be water safe.

Of course, jump in, enjoy a swim! But, find a beach that is patrolled and swim between the red and yellow flags. The lifesavers will have your back if anything goes wrong.

You’ll Really Like It, I Promise

It’s probably not going to be what you’d expect, but nevertheless, I’ll guarantee you’ll love Australia. Say g’day while you’re down that way for me! I hope you find good use of these 5 tips before you go to the land down under, Australia.

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