Best Tamales For The Holidays You Need To Try!

So What are the best tamales for the Holidays that you need to try?

The best are my moms, but in this article, I talk about some that are nearly perfect. The Holidays are coming and my mom will go through the grueling task of making 100 tamales from scratch.

Home made tamales are the best but…

Homemade tamales are awesome because you make them exactly as you want them, big, small, spicy, you get the picture. The problem is the task of making them takes a better portion of the day. First, you have to make your own salsa. have you ever made the red salsa from scratch? all I got to say is you better have a respirator handy cause it is so strong it will clear out the kitchen real quick. Then there is kneading the masa, cooking the meat, Rolling the ingredients, and then they cook for 2 hours. Jeesh lets not do this again till next year.

What about Street Tamales?

I am not going to lie I have had some good ones, but I have also had some bad ones. I guess you could say there is a 50/50 chance. The worst street tamales are the ones with lots of fat still in them, Gross. I know people need to make some money but they are just not like the homemade ones made with all the real love. The fat gets taken out at home.

What are the best that you absolutely need to try?

I love tamales. So I was surfing YouTube and I found this video.

best tamales for the holidays

The Tamales on the video where Texas Lone Star Tamales I thought to my self there is no way those Tamales can be that good. Well, I was wrong, not only do they have an authentic taste but I can have them Just about any time I want. I ordered the pork ones and they came frozen. I boiled them straight in the bag just like the guy did in the video and bam nice awesome hot tamales. Sure homemade are the best but if you can skip the hassle of making them these are some that I would recommend anyone to try.

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