Home Improvement: Bathroom upgrade under $500

Simple Home Improvement Techniques to make your restroom look good

Windows and Mirrors Home improvement

When was the last time you gave your windows and mirrors a good scrub down? Mildew build up can get pretty thick over time so you might need some Magic. Magic Cleaner gets the mildew off your widows and mirrors. Mirror replacement might be a good idea If it has scratches or you just need a better look. You can get an elegant one from Amazon for under 50$ or just scrub it with Magic and move on. Home improvement Doesn’t have to be that complicated. Windows can be expensive so a good scrubbing will do just fine.

Tubs and shower stalls: Home improvement

We all know the shower walls and floors can be a hard task. You must try the Power Scrubber and some Bio Clean Hard water remover, both at around 20$ each. Afterwards Car Wax is also used on the shower or tub walls to give it a shiny look.(recommended 2 times a year but never on the shower floor) The Shower curtains should be replaced at least once a year.You could find some on Amazon for under 20$. At this point Home improvement is well under way.


The Fact is we just want a clean Toilet. According to bustle Lysol is one of the top 5 toilet bowl cleaners, good enough. After the toilet bowl is clean the toilet seat should be next on the list. You should consider your toilet seat for replacement. Check your toilet seat for Looseness or normal wear and tear. Amazon has some nice ones here Under $30. A great idea for home improvement in the Toilet area is the toilet paper holder. Believe it or not a nice looking toilet paper holder gives the bathroom a nice look. Check this one here under $25.


We will start with the main part of this topic first. The Vanity pictured below is a nice upgrade at a reasonable price. You can purchase this on Amazon for about 210$ taking out an area to clean. Faucets and sink handles can always be changed separately if you like . You will not need a plumber for this type of home improvement. Changing a sink or faucet handles is very easy with a few simple tools. You Tube Has many tutorials about this. A simple upgrade like this Will get you some ooos and awwws from your friends. If you cant replace these then give it the magic touch.

Conclusion to Home Improvement

Do not be afraid for an upgrade and yes you can do all this work your self. The benefit of doing the work your self is you will get exactly what you want. No one will put as much love in your home the way you will. What are you waiting for? Lets get that bathroom upgrade going.

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