Is Orange County California Worth Visiting?

Is Orange County California Worth Visiting?

Chances are you have seen plenty of what Orange County, California has to offer even if you have never visited the area. This is because it is a popular location for many movie and TV series, including The Real
Housewives of Orange County. If what you see has intrigued you, then you might consider a visit to this remarkable area of the US that has lot to offer.

Art Culture

If you love the art scene, then Orange County is a great place to visit. Since the turn of the 20 th century, many artists have found their way to the beautiful shoreline and vibrant communities that make up
Orange County. From the many excellent museums and art venues to the year-round festivals that provide a place for artists to display their work, the art culture of Orange County is one of the best in the US.


California has a considerable number of fabulous beaches, but Orange County seems to have more than its fair share. One of the best locations in the country is Crystal Cove State Park with 3.5 miles worth of
beautiful shoreline. Plus, you can explore the 2,400 acres that constitutes the park itself.

For those who love the beach life, Orange County provides the perfect setting. The average temperature the year-round is 70 degrees, but the average high is only 79 degrees. This means that while warm, it
stays comfortable as you stroll along the beach, surf along the waves, or get that tan you’ve always wanted.


Who does not love good food? Orange County offers plenty of exceptional restaurants and eateries that provide plenty of excellent eating choices. As you might suspect, seafood is where Orange County excels
thanks to the many top-flight restaurants that specialize in fresh fish and other tasty treats from the nearby ocean.

For those who want a quick burger, the Royal Hen or The American Dream are great places to start. However, if you want to sample excellent cuisine from other parts of the world, then you will find some wonderful Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants, particularly in Little Saigon, that offer delectable treats that you and your family will savor.


One of the best reasons to visit Orange County is the family-friendly atmosphere and attractions. While the beautiful beaches are a good place to start, Disneyland is probably the biggest reason most kids and those young at heart want to visit Orange County.

  • Discovery Science Center
  • Knott’s Berry Farm
  • Knott’s Soak City
  • And so much more

From playing along the beaches to visiting some of the more famous amusement parks in the world, there is plenty for kids and parents to do in Orange County.

Outdoors scene

Because of the nearly ideal weather conditions the year-round, Orange County stays warm and comfortable at night. This has led to a thriving Outdoors scene even at night walking down the pier or simply getting a cup of coffee.

And these are just a few reasons why we think Orange County, California is worth Visiting. Check out our other article is San Diego worth visiting?

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