Want to run a marathon? 6 Tips for running a marathon

Is Training Required?

In short no, but highly recommended. A full marathon is 26.2 miles so the more you train your body the more physically and mentally you will be prepared to run a marathon.

What type of training should I do?

First of all begin with running-jogging -walking where ever you are as it doesn’t matter what walk of life you are from anyone can complete a marathon. then begin by joining a 5k run or 10k run mixed with your daily runs. Training for newbies should be at least 3 months depending on your fitness level. Still feel like you need more training at this point? Try a half marathon Which also requires training so don’t skip any steps you are going to take just because its half the size. (13.1 miles to be exact)

What type of of food should I eat before I run a marathon?

The very day before runners might eat a lighter meal. As long as you are eating well you shouldn’t change much. Several days before the race many runners up their cabs intake. some use an 80-10-10 rule which is 80% Carbs 10% Protein and 10% fat. 4-5 days before is recommended. A good example of food filled with carbs is Pasta. If you ate a good lunch and a pizza for an early dinner you would be fine too. Want to know the average time of running a marathon

What pace should I run?

Develop Your own pace. Don’t let other runners or the cheering crowd pump you up and throw you off your pace. Unless you are trying to win the whole thing. Walk uphill to conserve energy and you can run faster downhill to make up some lost time. Don’t forget to stop at the pit stops as you will need to refuel. Don

Bring a Friend!

Is it required to bring a friend? No, but a marathon is 26.2 miles long and having some one to run with helps keep the pace. having some one with you helps when you hit a wall in the race. If its your first run it will be good for moral support.

What should I wear?

Shirt, shorts, socks and a Good pair of Running shoes. Don’t buy them the day before either, buy your shoes at least 2-3 weeks before so you can break them in. We will post some links below on which shoes are recommended.

Last tip!

Have a good run you will remember it for the rest of your life!

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