What are the best Pets for kids?

So have you been thinking about getting a pet for your kids? All kids want a pet, the question is what is the best pets for kids.

Dogs? Cats? Well lets go through some details first. Teaching children responsibility is important, starting at a young age. It starts with
cleaning up after themselves, and then maybe chores as they get older. One of the best ways to
teach a child responsibility, however, is having a pet. Not only is it good for them to learn
responsibility, it’s also great in terms of having a companion the will offer them a lot of great
childhood memories throughout the years.

However, there are certain pets that are better for kids
than others. Here are some details to keep in mind.

Are your kids ready?
When you are considering a pet for your kids, you have to make sure that, firstly, your
kids want a pet. If you have little ones who have never expressed an interest in having a pet,
then it may not be a good idea. The same goes for the parents. If you don’t want a pet, having
one many not be a good idea either. The family as a whole should be excited about the idea of
having a pet.
You’ll also want to make sure that your child is old enough for the responsibility of a pet.
Toddlers, for example, can be bad for pulling on tails and fur, prompting a pet to lash out when it
isn’t used to it. That’s not to say that toddlers can’t be around pets, you just need to remember
that a toddler may need more supervision around the pet while he or she learns how to handle
them respectfully.
The best pets for kids
When you determine that your children — and you — are ready for a pet to join the
family, here are some of the best options to choose for a positive, heart-warming experience:


Fish are great when you have especially young kids. They don’t require any interaction,
and kids can learn how to take care of fish through feeding them and even helping clean their
tank (with adult supervision, of course). You can also have multiple colours and types for a neat
visual experience.


While these little guys have short life spans and are nocturnal, they’re relatively easy
to care-for — with responsibilities such as cage cleaning and proper feeding — and will offer up
fun when they move around in their cages with their toys and mazes.

Guinea pig:

Similar to hamsters, guinea pigs require proper cage cleaning and can be nocturnal.
However, guinea pigs love to snuggle and can be reliable when it comes to spending time with
kids. However, little ones should still be supervised, because they can bite if they become


While it isn’t a popular one on a lot of lists, lizards can be a great family pet because
they’re pretty low-key and relaxed. This is especially great if you have a busy family and even
busier lifestyle. They do require a specific diet, but they can live for many years, making it great
for a long-term pet option. Older children should be the ones to handle a lizard, however as they
can be delicate.


Rats may not make the list for some rodent-fearful parents, but rats are smart, cuddly,
interactive and really low maintenance. They’re great pets for children who want to be able to
play with them and spend quality time with them as well. They have a relatively short lifespan,
but are trustworthy with younger children, since they aren’t quite a nippy.


Cats do require a bit more work than most caged animals, but they offer up the cute,
snugly and playful look that a lot of families are going for with kids. They also tend to be
independent, so they can be left alone during the day and the kids can get a real lesson with
responsibility with cleaning up the litter box, too!


Dogs are quintessential, but do require quite a lot of interaction and upkeep. For kids,
Labradors and golden retrievers offer up the right personality and attitude to be able to offer for
even the most worrisome parents. That being said, dogs require a lot of exercise, so you’ll have
to make time to be out and about with the dog.

Kids and pets are a great idea, but you do have to make sure that you and your young
ones are ready for the responsibility they bring. Check out this article if your thinking about getting a dog.

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