What DIY Tools Do I Need For My Home

While each type of home improvement project will need a specific set of tools, there are some tools that can be used in most situations. If you are planning home improvement projects in the future, then you will
need a basic set of DIY tools that can handle much of the work.


A good claw hammer is a necessity because most home improvement projects require nails to hold together what you have to construct. And you cannot drive the nail without a good hammer. A typical 16-ounce hammer with a claw on the back end to remove nails will serve you well for many years. Plus, you can break apart plaster or busting up old framing lumber that you are going to replace.


If there is a go-to all-around utility device, it is a good knife. A utility knife helps you do several jobs quickly when you do not need a specific tool. A solid utility knife is inexpensive and comes with extra blades, although you will want a sharpener around as well. Also, get one with a belt hook so you can carry it around while doing the work.


If you need to cut wood, then you need a good saw. While there are several excellent powered saws, a handsaw is quite good at making small cuts on the go. No need to plug in and power up when you have a
good handsaw handy. There are different types of handsaws, so you will need to choose the right one that does the most work. There are western saws that cut when pushed forward, Japanese saws that cut
when pulled backward, and pruning saws for smaller work.


You will need two types of screwdrivers with two types of heads, flat and Philips. A powered one to drive and remove screws for all types of work. Plus, an old-fashioned manual screwdriver for more delicate
work. A manual screwdriver is quite handy and can be used to quickly put a screw into place. But you will appreciate the powered versions as they can save your fingers and wrist from a lot of wear.

Adjustable Wrenches

Like screwdrivers, you will need two types of wrenches. A long, 10” wrench that provides the leverage needed to loosen large bolts. Plus, a smaller 6” wrench to get into tight spaces. Adjustable wrenches are
relatively inexpensive and will last a long time with just a little care. In addition to the adjustable versions, you may want a set of specific wrenches when you need more control over tightening or removing bolts.


Also called a putty knife, this allows you to smooth spackle or wood putty, peel away paint or wallpaper, and remove any excess caulk from around windows or tubs. Many people use the narrow end of the
scraper to open paint cans and the like. You can get a scraper with a small 1.5” blade that works for most situations. Basically, anything that needs scraped will require a scraper or putty knife for the job.


These are just a few of the tools you should have handy in your toolbox for DIY home improvement

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